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AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n
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The right pane shows a list of wireless networks detected, with signal strength, noise, and broadcast channel for each one. But AirPort utility allows a user to force a router to lock onto a specific channel. This choice is in the Wireless Options menu under the Wireless tab.

To find the consistently best channel, we hit "Scan Now" several times over a few minutes. While the two best 2. Also, the right pane of the AirPort Diagnostics Scan Tool told us none of the networks around me broadcast on that channel. The Apple product specialist then recommended I scan every once in a while to see if another channel emerged as a better option, or if we started suffering dropouts again, and said goodbye.

After several weeks of extensive AirPlay use I am happy to report: problem solved! Due to the configuration changes the Apple product specialist walked me through, our network SNR is consistently around 37dB even on the balcony. That represents an improvement of more than 12dB!

AirPlay streaming thus far is just as stable upstairs as on the hard-wired AppleTV in the living room. The Apple product specialist taught me that optimizing WiFi performance for streaming music is a lot like setting up speakers and subwoofers for smooth bass in a room: the only universal rule is, have a stepwise process to keep you sane. Within that process, try everything in order until something works!

Should you also suffer from dropouts when streaming music, as we did, follow this process to once again enjoy uninterrupted streams of music in any room you choose.

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How To Wirelessly Stream Sound/Music To Your Speaker Using Airport Express?

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AirPlay audio from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

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Can't stream music using Airport Expr… - Apple Community

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How Apple Airport Express Works

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