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Method 1: Use the Create PDF tool in Acrobat DC
  1. Excel to PDF

  • Save or convert to PDF on your Mac.
  • microsoft office 20011 for mac trial?
  • Save or convert to PDF on your Mac - Word for Mac.
  • Make and Mail PDF files with VBA code on your Mac.

Below you find examples for Excel and Excel for the Mac, if you are a Windows user check out the code in the Win Tips section of my site. Microsoft fixed a few bugs but there are still a lot of bugs to fix, so I will update the code when needed.

The code will create a folder in the Office folder to save the PDF files in, read the info on this page why I use a folder in that location. Check out this page if you want an easy way to open this folder in finder : Setup your Mac for Mac Office For Mac Outlook mail code visit this page for examples files and Add-in 1-Feb For Apple Maill code visit this page for examples files 1-Feb Download the example workbook below with a few example macro's to create and mail PDF's in Excel Please test it and give feedback, good or bad.

There are many programs that convert files to PDFs. But some of them are not that easy to use or might lose random info in the process.

Others tend to be insecure or expensive. Working with PDFs has many advantages.

Convert PDF files to Excel

PDFs are a great way to share your files via email or online. However, one of the major bottlenecks of working with PDFs has been the hassle of converting a file to PDF on a Mac when working with other formats.

Excel to PDF

Although the PDF file format is flexible and feature-rich, converting other formats to PDF has always been cumbersome. There really is a better way of doing this! You can easily create PDF documents from any supported file-formats with a few simple clicks.

How To Save Any Document As a PDF File On A Mac

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