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MindView is a leading mind map Mac software tool used to create and organize ideas.
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  2. 2. XMind: ZEN
  3. 6 Free Mind Map Apps for Mac to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
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It is far superior to any other apps on this list when its come to nesting. Hence, you can create a large multi-layered mind map without being overwhelmed. It also has very good organisational tools.

As mentioned, the app specifically targets businesses and it is also priced like one. If you need a great brainstorming, idea mapping and organisational tool for business, look nowhere else. For an average user, it is too costly and too complex to be used. This software is probably one of the first mind mapping software ever built. It used to be one of the best but now it has become very complex and is not suitable for an average user. However, the learning curve is too steep and the price is too high.

It might be suitable for big businesses, just like TheBrain, but not for individual users. You are better off spending your money somewhere else. FreeMind If you are looking for a completely free mind mapping software without any strings attached, look no further. FreeMind is an open source software , which is completely free to download and use forever. It has all the required features and goes head to head with the paid apps on this list. The only thing you are really sacrificing on is its UI and sync feature.

The UI looks outdated, and creating a rich looking map which catches your eye is not possible. Also, it does not have any sync feature hence your maps will live only on your Mac. However, you can export the maps in PDF and share it. Considering it is a free software, it packs a punch way above its weight.

Install: Free 9. Scapple Scapple provides you the closest experience of using pen and paper. It is at its heart a blank sheet of paper. You double-click anywhere to start typing and hit enter when you finish. Double-click again to start writing again and then repeat. Drag and drop one text field over another to create a link.

There are no formatting tools, no colouring tools, no emojis, and no attachments.

You use it as you want to. This is the best tool for creating free-form mind maps. You will use it and you will love it.

The Best Mind Mapping Software

Try this if you love pen and paper. Apart from these native mind mapping apps for Mac, there are various web-based mind mapping apps for Mac which are really powerful and easy to use. These web-based apps are especially important for users who want a cross-platform solution. Another benefit of using these apps is that you can access them from any device, as long as your remember your login credentials.

Whether you are using your Mac or are on a Windows or Linux device , you can get access to your mind maps as long as you are connected to the internet. MindMeister also offers Android and iOS apps so you are not tied to desktops.

2. XMind: ZEN

This allows you to easily transfer data from your mind maps to your task lists thereby easily turning them into actionable items. Overall, I would say that this is one of the best web-based mind mapping tools that you can use on your Mac. MindMup is full of features and can help you capture and organize your ideas quite perfectly.

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Also, all your mind maps are securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device. It also allows users to create storyboards which turns your mind map into a sequence of slides. MindMup is also great for collaboration and sharing your mind maps. You can print your mind maps, share them via social media or collaborate privately with other users. MindMup is a really powerful mind mapping app and you should check it out.

6 Free Mind Map Apps for Mac to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use web-based mind mapping software then you should use Bubbl. This simplicity also makes Bubbl. Despite being so light, the software allows users to collaborate with others and brings a one-click presentation features which readily turns your mind maps into presentation slides. The app has a free version which should meet the needs of individual users. However, pro mind map users and teams will have to subscribe to the paid plans to use it effectively.

How to make a mind map on Mac - Setapp

Visit Bubbl. The only thing we need to learn is how to capture and organise those ideas to turn them into actionable items. Mind mapping is a tool which can help you do just that. You can also use mind mapping to create an outline for your novel, plan a project, for your business and much more.

Once you master it, the sky is the limit. Give it a go, and let us know when you see its benefits. Also, do tell us in the comment section below if you have a favourite mind mapping software which is not on the list. LOG IN. Recover your password. Related Articles. Having a cluttered desktop that constantly makes you feel like you're drowning in a sea, nay, an ocean of files, I am now running it in Windows 8 mode and it is rock solid.

Hi, I am gratefully using this tool for about 10 years and like its easyness for fast handling and collecting thoughts. I rarely used it for fancyness but a lot with priority symbols to manage tasks and workpackages in a team. Looks "kind of" agile to me. So thanks for the looong years development and support. FreeMind has made it possible for me to get through undergrad and grad school!

1. SimpleMind

It's amazing. It's indispensable. Also: the tech support has been fantastic when I've encountered snafus thank you! It is a good tool to make, in less time, some info-connect-trees. It is not very intuitive and there are some workflow slow downs. More simplicity and workflow optimizing necessary. I can make u a new Logo ;. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:.

17+ of The Best Mind Mapping Tools (Online, MacOS and Windows)

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