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You can see more key features of this phone transfer: Easily transfer data from phone to phone across iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc. Transfer contacts, photos, videos, music and more from phone to phone or to Mac. Restore phone data from backup like iTunes, iCloud and phone backup. People is for contacts synchronization using the same settings and having the same options as the Calendar tab. Bookmarks allows users to transfer their saved links from a certain web browser on the PC to the HTC device to be used on the phone further with the installed mobile browser.

Documents deals with syncing mails and other types of files not applicable in the upper sections from the device to the PC.

Best 5 HTC Sync Manager Alternatives

Also custom folders can be setup to be synced automatically. Last but not least, Locations. This tab handles GPS and navigation related syncing and also allows maps syncing, maps updating, license selecting for certain maps and other navigation modules. Download Rating:.

How To Sync Google Contacts In Redmi Note 6 Pro

This includes: - Contact List management for This includes: - Contact List management for adding, In the current mobile operating system marketplace, Windows Mobile is something of a dinosaur. Over the last few months some of my friends have been buying Android powered phones — devices such as the HTC G1 and the HTC Magic — and, although they piqued my interest, they were just not good enough for me to take the plunge. It also provides a convenient space for the standard Android compliment of buttons and trackball.

On Android and the HTC Hero (From an ex Windows Mobile guy)

If HTC had copied the iPhone and gone for the featureless, buttonless blob look then everyone would berate them for copying Apple. So HTC went for something that looks more distinctive and they get berated for that too — ho hum! Another HTC Hero owner shares an office with me and we both agree — the chin is fine.

Roughly speaking, there are two different types of touch screen technology used by modern mobile phones — resistive touch screens and capacitive touch screens. The practical upshot is that resistive touch screens as used by Windows Mobile and old Palm-OS devices need a stylus in order to be effective whereas capacitive screens as used by the iPhone, Palm Pre and Android phones can be controlled by the lightest touch of my sweaty, fat finger.

It seems that the general consensus among bloggers is that resistive touch screens are old and bad whereas capacitive touch screens are new and good. I disagree! They just seem so imprecise compared to the trusty stylus that came with all of my old touch screen devices.

I find using the on screen keyboard of the Hero an absolute nightmare and cannot get a decent typing speed no matter how hard I try. I really wish I had a hardware keyboard with the Hero though.

Download HTC Sync for Windows -

I want my stylus back and while we are at it get off my lawn! Not only is Android a multitasking operating system but the Hero comes with 7 different home screens for you to put your resource-hungry widgets on. It is all too easy to ask your phone to perform an astonishing number of tasks simultaneously and this tends to slow things down a little.

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Expecting otherwise is a little optimistic to put it politely. The problem is that Android and I have differing opinions on when an application should be shut down. On my old phone I could press and hold the X icon in the top right hand corner of an application window to kill it a nice little HTC modification to standard Windows Mobile behavior but there is no equivalent that I have found so far on Android.

So, what you need is a task manager and taskiller does the job nicely — now I can shutdown applications whenever I like. Some commentators have expressed the view that the Hero should have come with a meatier processor in order to allow it to better deal with the kind of multitasking load that a typical user will throw at it and, of course, I agree — to a point.

I, for one, am happy with the result. Applications such as Taskiller help with this and I fully expect it to get better with future software updates. Finding applications for Windows Mobile can be a wearying experience and I have suffered from all of the following issues at some point or another with my old phone.

The Android Marketplace solves all of these problems instantly and is a joy to use. You can also download and install applications from places other than the marketplace if you so wish without illegally jail-breaking your phone.

Part 1. Top 5 Alternatives to HTC Sync (Manager)

I like The Marketplace a lot. I have to admit — it was videos like the one below that got me hooked on the Hero. Not only is it very pretty but it is also very useful — giving you seven, fully customizable home screens along with full integration with services such as Twitter and Facebook.

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The Hero comes with a nice selection of both standard Android widgets and some extra HTC widgets such as a calendar, various clock faces, a photo album, twitter client, music player and Footprints a geo-tagging widget. The Hero has support for Adobe Flash right out of the box unlike older Android phones and the iPhone At the time of writing. As you might expect, integration with google services such as email and calendar work perfectly.

I can enter an appointment on my desktop machine and moments later it appears on my phone or vice-versa. The same goes for adding new contacts. So much in fact that I eventually installed a better alternative called Total Commander. I still lose my headphones of course but now I can replace them with any old cheapo pair bought from almost any shop on the high street.

Music, podcasts, YouTube…. No other difference…just the name. Expect to see a lot more about Android Apps from me in the future.

Part 1. Top 5 Alternatives to HTC Sync (Manager)

The same goes for phones. So, onto the camera. Finally, we get to boot-up time. Unfortunately I had switched the Hero off completely to try and stop me from playing with it and so I had to boot it back up. We sat and watched the boot sequence in silence for thirty seconds or so before she said. Personally, I need Bluetooth for one thing and one thing only — file transfer.