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For example, using Office 's Automator actions, a user could create a workflow that retrieves photos from an Entourage email and brings them into iPhoto, converts a Word document to PDF format and uploads it to a web server, or extracts web content from Safari and adds it to an Excel workbook. Office also includes dozens of example Automator workflows, to demonstrate action use and help users to get started. Like Automator itself, these actions are designed to allow users to automate some simple tasks within their daily routines.

For more complex tasks, Automator may not be the ideal solution. In these cases, however, users are not out of luck. Office includes extensive AppleScript support. AppleScripts can be written to automate almost any task that can be done manually.

Microsoft office for mac tutorial 2008 free

Whatever Office workflow you're looking to automate, from the small to the complex, Automator or AppleScript can help. If you forget, and open the original document before the application, you may still find a copy of the AutoRecover file on your hard drive. The file will be named "Autorecovery Save of Word Autocorrect Preferences If you've ever wondered why Word changes your asterisks into bullets, your e-mail addresses into hyperlinks, or UMass to Umass, AutoCorrect is the place to look.

Notice the options on the first tab and decide if you like the feature or not. Check or uncheck as desired.

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Check out the extensive list of AutoCorrect's frequent typos. You may have noticed that if you mistype something, it will automatically correct itself before you get back to do it yourself.

Microsoft Office Tips |

You can harness this power to create your own auto replace shortcuts. For example, perhaps you'd like to type hacu and have it expand into School of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies. Click "Add". If a particular shortcut is not helpful to you, you can simply delete it by highlighting the list entry, then clicking on the "Delete" button.

Now click on the "AutoFormat As You Type" tab and see the behaviors here that are under your control. Many people find the Automatic Numbered Lists to be more annoying than helpful. If you are one of these people, uncheck the option.

Adding Clip Art Tutorial Gallery

Most Word documents are printed, so there is rarely a good reason to have e-mail and web addresses converted to clickable hyperlinks. If you agree, uncheck this option. Office Trust Center Office introduced the "Trust Center," an area within Word Options to configure various security settings. Press the Trust Center Settings button on the right hand panel.

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac - Review

Select "Trusted Locations" from the list at the left. At the bottom of the right-hand pane, make sure "Allow trusted locations on my network not recommended " is checked. Select the "Add new locations You can start any version of Word or OpenOffice Writer. OpenOffice notes will be preceded with "OO". The tutorial movies cover each application separately if you are unsure about a certain step. In some versions, you click on the words, "Blank document" or "text document". Type your cover page information and change font type and size.

Center it all. A page break will leave the rest of the page blank and tell the printer to automatically advance to the top of the next page.

Microsoft Word

This saves having to put in enough spaces to get to the next page. At this point, you are just setting up the place you plan to ask Word to put the Table of Contents. You will write the label, but wait until later to generate the table of contents. You are also going to add a hard section break between the table of contents and the real photo album which follows.

This will separate the two parts so that you can easily start your page numbering at 1 after the table of contents page. Because this is under section break, you will break the document into hard sections in addition to giving it a new page. Then type "bodytext" as the name; click on the header tab and click "header on" and click on the footer tab and click "footer on".

Press OK to accept.

Headers and footers are parts of the document that are the same on every page in a section. You don't see them in normal or draft mode at all, but you can see them in print layout and on the printout. You can include page numbers that Word will automatically assign.

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  6. Scroll down to click inside the footer. If you do not see these words, you either did not create a section break in the prior step OR you did not click inside the second section before viewing the footer.

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    You want to remove the "Same as Previous" words:. After you click, it should no longer say "same as previous" over the footer. Expand the "header and footer" group. Unclick the "link to previous" box.

    Issue No. 1: UID 502

    Then, you should no longer see "same as previous" over the footer.