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Then reboot into normal mode as usual and recheck your available disk space. The macOS filesystem contains multiple Library folders. This is by design, and while many similarities exist between the contents of the Library folders, each folder has a different role to play in the macOS filesystem. The main and System Library folder have a global scope. Their contents support every aspect of the system.

The System Library folder contains the files that macOS needs to operate. Only the OS has the right to modify its data, and only system-level events should affect them.

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Here, macOS stores system, third-party support files, and preferences. It also includes Mail settings, Safari bookmarks, history, calendar data, and much more.

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The Library folder also include folders that need occasional cleaning. However, not all folders are safe to touch. In this folder, both system and third-party apps store support files, usually in a subfolder named after the application. They contain registration data and even store saved app data used in a particular session.

Understand the Mac directory structure: Basic commands - TechRepublic

Do not delete contents of the Application Support files directly. Instead, use an app called AppCleaner to delete support files along with the app. This folder contains all the preference data for default and third-party apps. AppCleaner will take care of preferences while uninstalling an app. This is the actual location of the iCloud folder.

2. Use The Terminal’s ‘ls’ Function

Documents, application preference files, iOS app data, and more lives in this folder. You should not move, rename, or delete it. Since apps on the App Store are sandboxed, they cannot write data anywhere on the system.

If the Containers folder takes up lot of disk space, reinstall the affected app. Let's see what apps are inside. Page content loaded. Jul 2, PM in response to karlotto. I agree with you that "All My Files" on the macOS, and the defaule "Documents" Library on Windows are completely useless and should not be enabled by default. They confuse users and also encourage poor file management where users have no idea where files are actually stored.

Basics of the OS X Folder Structure

The good news is that you do not need to use All My Files. The Finder is perfectly capable of displaying the entire folder structure of your hard drive. Try this:. Lastly, refer to this article for how to change the display options in Finder to browse the folder hierarchies on your Mac:.

See the Current File Path

Get to know the Finder on your Mac - Apple Support. Jul 2, PM. Question: Q: I can't see any folder structure of my files. Say you want to get a list of all the files contained in a certain folder.

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