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How to Resize a Photo on Mac
  1. How to resize a photo on iPhone
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Thank you for writing this article. I am trying to resize a pdf in Preview but when I go into Tools the "Adjust Size" option is greyed out.

Any ideas? Many thanks again, Kate. I have double clicked on my image and I can't find tools. All I can find is edit tools. I'm on a new Mac pro. It's a steep learning curve for an older PC user! Bakari Chavanu, I just wanted to say, Bless you for writing this article!

How to resize a photo on iPhone

I was having the hardest time trying to figure out which app. Very helpful. You're welcome, Liz. It always great to hear when an article is useful to readers.

Article - How to Change the Dimension

And thanks for your feedback. Oh wow thank you so much for writing this article! I am building my website, and have used ImageWell in the past but it's not functioning and no support. Sooo I thought my only way to resize on my mac was in iphoto. So much easier in preview. I never looked at what was under those headings! Thanks again. You have saved me a lot of time. Awesome, Lorraine, glad you found this article useful. Also, there's a way to automate the resizing of images using Hazel and running an AppleScript.

Take a look at this article: Thanks for the tips. If you want to resize a single image to the exact pixels or proportion you specified, you can access ResizeImage. Perhaps most people do think that resizing an image is a deadly simple function, but actually many online image editors and resizers haven't offer the ability to crop and resize an image to the extract proportion or pixels, which is necessary to use an image as your avatars on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Pinterest, Tumblr and other social networking sites without distortion. I shot some photos of the family for the official use online and they are requiered to be x pixels.

Make 240KB US visa photo with

I cant seem to get that via crop tool to adjust the pixels. Select the image you wish to resize. If the image you want to open is associated with another program like Photoshop , right-click the image file and mouse over "Open With" and choose Preview from the list.

To adjust the dimensions of your image, you can set a custom height or width, or constrain your image to fit into common sizes. Keep in mind that you will want to keep your image proportions locked so stretching does not occur.

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You can also adjust the resolution pixels per inch that your photo contains. Adding pixels does not necessarily mean you will have a higher-resolution photograph, however, and some distortion can occur when resampling. Also keep in mind that higher-resolution images are bigger files.

Preview is also a great tool for doing all kinds of other simple adjustments on images. If you need to take out a background on an image, you can use Preview's Instant Alpha feature to quickly and easily complete the task.

How to Resize a Photo on your Mac laptop or Computer

The Instant Alpha tool is located in Preview's tool bar, under the Select menu. Once you have the tool selected, click on part of the background you wish to delete and begin dragging. The red overlay that appears represents the area that can be deleted. Drag until the space is covered and let go. Press delete on your keyboard and the area will be removed. In order to keep the image with the background deleted, you must save it as a PNG or GIF file with the alpha check box selected.

Now you know how to quickly resize a photograph and create images with alpha backgrounds. But, what if the color on your image is off slightly? Well, Preview can fix that, too. The color adjustment tool allows you to tinker with your image's levels, the exposure and contrast, saturation, temperature, and tint. You can also add a sepia tone or extra sharpness to your image. Of course Preview only offers the very basic features for adjusting colors and resizing images. For more-advanced photo-editing capabilities, check out the editing functions in iPhoto, which also comes free on every new Mac.