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  2. Wireshark is almost a Native Species on OSX
  3. macos - why does Wireshark on Mac OS X runs on X11? - Super User

Wireshark is my favorite on the PC so I went on the hunt for an version available for Mac.

Look at Me! Fortunately this turned out to be super easy.

About Mazucage

Man that was one looooong minute. It was probably stuck here for 15 full minutes. I actually thought the application froze but it was really just moving at a glacial pace. Once the second ice age passes, click the WireShark icon and wait an equally long time for it to startup. For some reason it took my poor Macbook Air an eternity to start the app.

Wireshark is almost a Native Species on OSX

But this time we have it — we know exactly where X11 is — we just need to know where to look. Start all your devices or all relevant devices by click the Play button and then right click the link and choose Start Capture. A new Wireshark instance will spawn. You can actually see the ICMP echo replies and responses in the output when I ping my default gateway of This may sound stupid but I literally spent hours trying to figure out how to get Wireshark working on my Mac.

macos - why does Wireshark on Mac OS X runs on X11? - Super User

I figured it was my duty to share how I did this. Just an XQartz. Clicking that gives me an xterm so I assume X11 is installed… somewhere. Pointing Wireshark to XQuartz ends in failure as it just opens a terminal screen when you start Wireshark. For troubleshooting or supporting SLAs it is often the only tool the defines fact vs.

The WireShark installation process prior to XQuartz was long and convoluted and more often than not would end miserably. For whatever reason the WireShark download site does not list XQuartz the key to end the pain that I saw anywhere. Gerald touched on the interoperability problems with Mac OS X and it sounded as if there was some issues with libpcap, Mac and Wireshark.

You have a trillion packets.

Brent Salisbury I have over 15 years of experience wearing various hats from, network engineer, architect, devops and software engineer. I currently have the pleasure of working at the company that develops my favorite software I have ever used, Docker. My comments here are my personal thoughts and opinions. Thanks for the writeup Brent. Might be worth mentioning that the Mac should allow non-Apple Store apps to be installed.

I am a fairly recent convert so thanks for adding that. Regards, -Brent. Measuring Network Bandwidth using Iperf and Docker. January 2, March 29, Configuring Macvlan and Ipvlan Linux Networking.

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